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Keyboard Competition
Winner: Pharkorn​ Phophong​, Thailand (83 votes)

Strings Competition
Winner: Karina Hechavarria Suarez , Cuba 
(150 votes)

Woodwinds and Brass Competition
Winner: Yafei Lin, China 
(41 votes)

Percussions Competition
Winner: Bernardo Caputo Garcia Cruz, Brazil
 (43 votes)

Voice Competition
Winner: Brayden Flores, United States 
(68 votes)

Ensemble Competition
Winner: Alex Ding & Harry Yang, United States
 (40 votes)

Concerto Competition
Winner: Wiktor Wysocki, Poland 
(23 votes)

Traditional Music Competition
Winner: Zongyuan Wu, China 
(17 votes)

Composition Competition
Winner: Daniel Kuzuhara, United States 
(13 votes)

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