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The following terms were added to the Terms and Conditions of the Competition. To proceed with your participation in the Winners' Recital and Award Ceremony, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions in full.

Excerpt from the Terms and Conditions.


Winners of the Competitions who were awarded a performance at the Competition Winners’ Recital will perform one piece or more selected by the judges from the applicant’s audition repertoire. The performance time limit for each age and repertoire category is stated on the Competition’s web page.


A piano accompanist will not be provided for the Winners recital. Winners can bring their own piano accompanist for no extra charge. If such an external accompanist doesn't show up for the performance, the Winner will not be allowed onto the stage. 


Detailed Recital Guidelines will be emailed to the winners.


All participants are responsible for their own expenses related to Recital participation, their travel to and from the Recital as well as but not limited to their own safety, health, and well-being before, during, and after the Recital.

The Competition reserves the right to impose or adjust a fee for the participation in the Winners Recital as well as a fee for the entrance to the Recital.

VII. PULSAR MUSIC INC. IS NOT LIABLE: Pulsar Music Inc., its owners and employees, and the Competition shall have no liability to Participant for any delay or annoyance caused to Participant arising out of the actions of any public authority or on account of any strike, lockout or other labor difficulties, and Pulsar Music Inc., its owners and employees, and the Competition shall not be responsible or have any liability for loss or damage to the equipment or personal properties of Licensee or of any officer, agent, employee, performer or independent contractor of Participant kept or placed in the Premises or the Building of the performance venue, or used in connection with any rehearsal, Performance or Engagement to be given or entrusted to any person employed at the performance venue or by the Competition, whether due to fire, theft or any other cause. Pulsar Music Inc., its owners and employees, and the Competition shall not be liable in any way because of the Competition’s inability to provide heating or air-conditioning of the Recital Hall. Further, Participant hereby recognizes and acknowledges that (a) there is an inherent risk of exposure to Infectious Disease in any public place where people gather, particularly indoors and in group settings; (b) the performance of the Competition obligations entails the gathering of people in indoor and/or group settings; and (c) the Competition cannot completely manage or mitigate the risks associated with Infectious Disease. Participant assumes all known and unknown risks related to exposure to Infectious Disease. Pulsar Music Inc., its owners and employees, and the Competition shall not be liable, and Participant shall not bring any claim or demand against Pulsar Music Inc., its owners and employees, and the Competition, for any injury, damage, loss, expense, or other liability related to Infectious Disease that may arise, directly or indirectly, in connection with the Participant performance.


VIII. PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Participant agrees to, and will cause all of its relatives, friends, employees, agents, performers, independent contractors, and any ticket holder or other person admitted to the Premises or the Building of the performance venue as part of the audience for the Engagement, Performance or rehearsal or otherwise, to comply with (a) all the Competition and the performance venue health and safety protocols, as communicated by the Competition to Participant or otherwise made available by the Competition, and (b) all guidelines, rules, and regulations for mitigating the spread of any Infectious Disease promulgated by any applicable municipal, provincial, or federal department or agency, and any updates, additions, or revisions thereto as may be promulgated or made effective during the time preceding the performance (collectively, “Health Protocols”). Failure by Participant to adhere to all Health Protocols will be a material breach of the Competition Terms and Conditions.


The Competition may need to limit the number of performers due to health and safety protocols.


IX. POLICY CHANGES IN RESPONSE TO PUBLIC HEALTH CONCERNS: Participant and the Competition acknowledge and agree that the threat of Infectious Disease and its many known and unknown ramifications pose unique challenges to the execution of the Engagement(s) and Performance(s), and the novel nature of such Infectious Disease makes it difficult for the parties to forecast with any particularity the health and safety measures or other accommodations that may be legally required, economically feasible, socially responsible, or otherwise reasonable and appropriate at the time of a given Engagement or Performance. The Competition and the Participant further acknowledge and agree that the health, safety, and wellbeing of all guests and participants are of paramount importance, such that it may be necessary or desirable to institute remedial or preventative measures or other accommodations not explicitly described in these Terms and Conditions, but that may nevertheless alter the rights or obligations of the Participant and the Competition. Considering the foregoing, Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Competition, in its sole discretion and without any liability to Participant, may terminate the performance or the Recital in its entirety or institute additional requirements, restrictions, or accommodations (“Requirements”) applicable to the Engagement(s) and Performance(s), including, without limitation, Requirements affecting Performance duration or size, ticketing policies, or audience capacity, and that such Requirements shall supersede the written provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the Competitions rules and correspondence exchange to the extent that a conflict arises between the written provisions of the Competition policies and rules and the Requirements provided pursuant to this Section. If the Recital or the Participant’s Performance are terminated in pursuant to this Section, the Competition will re-schedule the Performance to a later date. No amounts will be owed, paid, or payable by the Competition to Participant as a result of or in connection with any actions taken by the Competition, including termination of the Performance or imposition of any Requirements, pursuant to this Section.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Competiton

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