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Winners' Recitals and Award Ceremonies will take place in the Tribute Communities Recital Hall, Toronto, Canada

Tribute Communities Recital Hall 1.jpeg

The Recital Fee is

  • $400 Canadian dollars for solo performance;

  • $500 Canadian dollars for an Ensemble of 2 performers;

  • $600 Canadian dollars for an Ensemble of 3-5 performers.

It includes admission for the Winner, trophy, certificate, teacher’s diploma, four complimentary tickets, and a set of digital photos taken by a professional photographer during the participant’s performance on the stage.

International travellers must consult and comply with Canadian travel requirements:

You may be required to obtain a visa to enter Canada. Please consult with a local Canadian consulate.

If the Winner was invited to perform multiple times, it is possible to attend one or multiple recitals. Each recital will require a separate fee.


The Recital Fee is not refundable. Due to a large number of participants, we will not accept late Fee payments.


Photography and video/audio recording are not permitted for the audience at the Winners Recital.

Tribute Communities Recital Hall.jpeg
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